1&Done Message of the Day:

TRUMP FATIGUE SYNDROME / Super Tuesday & Beyond.

Recall that most of Bernie Sander's wins in 2016 came in the later primaries – when Democrats became increasingly exhausted with smug Hillary and her deplorables.

> Bernie won 7 primaries in a row, March 22 to April 9;

> In early May, Bernie won Indiana, West Virginia, Oregon, and Rhode Island;

> In June, Bernie nearly matched Hillary in California.

The GOP Primary is now a simple binary decision: Against Trump / For Trump. Forget about policies, cash-on-hand, ad points, and Trump's cowardice to debate. If history holds, Trump's legal and business failures, foul mouth, Putin valentines, and who-knows-what's-next – predict that Trump, like Hillary, will become more and more and more tiresome.

THIS is a key reason Nikki Haley needs to stay in the Republican race, all the way to the Convention. She becomes the GOP's “Plan B” – when Trump is convicted of criminal offenses in the Fall of 2024, and becomes repellent to 40% of the GOP, 92% of Independents and 99% of Democrats.

In South Carolina, in communities that most resemble the rest of America – population centers like Columbia and Charleston – Haley beat Trump 60–40. This trend could grow and become self-sustaining. Yes, the RNC rules are stacked in favor of Trump by his supplicants there. But the longer he has to stretch to collecting 1,215 delegates – the more support Haley gathers to lead the GOP through a) Trump's general election defeat in the Fall, or b) Trump's third Impeachment in 2025.

1&Done Core Message:

In 2022, Trump dragged the GOP into defeats that should have been wins. Independents voted FOR Common-Sense Conservative Candidates, and AGAINST Trump. This means Trump is un-electable in 2024. The GOP needs new leaders like Ronald Reagan – with records of competence, integrity, modesty and civility. Trump is the opposite of Reagan. Dump Trump. Please share this message.

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