1&Done Mission:
Trump Weakly ...

To educate the American public about:

  1. How to renew the GOP in the Post-Trump era, with principles and policies based on the successful Reagan formula of party-building and civil discourse, rather than celebrity and conflict-rhetoric; and
  2. Proven American (and Republican) values:
    • Personal autonomy and liberty, tempered by personal responsibility;
    • The central role of family and faith as building blocks for a healthy society;
    • Federalism and limited government;
    • Responsible fiscal policies and cutting the federal deficit;
    • Respect for proven Constitutional norms – especially the 1st Amendment; and
    • A robust national defense with secure borders.
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1&Done Focus:
  • Support Reagan-era GOP common-sense principles that American voters crave.
  • Help inform and animate the Post-Trump era of political leadership.
  • Promote character and competence for a ReNewed GOP that appeals to Independent voters.
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